Spinal Cord Tumor Treatment

Spinal tumor care often necessitates a complex and delicate surgery. The goal is to remove as much of the tumor as possible while preserving neurological function by protecting crucial parts of the spine and surrounding structures.

As in all surgeries, spinal cord care requires a high degree of skill and should be performed by specialists with significant experience. By removing pressure on the spinal nerve roots, surgery can remove or control the severe pain often caused by spinal cord tumors. At the same time, relieving pressure on the spinal cord helps to preserve neurological function. Spinal fusion or other procedures can correct structural instabilities in the spine in order to get you back to normal functioning.

Both malignant and benign primary spinal cord tumors may require surgery. In the case of metastatic tumors, surgery may or may not be indicated in addition to other therapies. If surgery cannot remove the entire spinal tumor, other leading-edge adjunctive therapies can be used. For example, radiation therapy may be given after surgery to reduce pressure on the spinal cord.

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