Advanced Treatment Options for Spinal Disorders. Reduce pain, restore normal functioning and get back to what matters.


As a board-certified, fellowship-trained neurosurgeon specializing in spinal surgery, my primary goal is to help you overcome neuro-spinal problems so that you can get back to living life on your own terms. I specialize in the most advanced spinal treatments available, ranging from minimally invasive techniques to complex surgeries.

To produce the best possible surgical and lifestyle outcomes, I work in collaboration with a team of fellowship-trained professionals, including experts in orthopedic spine and plastic surgery.


Your spine is a dynamic, living structure, and various conditions sometimes necessitate follow-up spinal surgery. This complex procedure should only be performed by a spinal specialist, and is indicated for patients who experience chronic pain even after surgery, or patients who require corrections of previous interventions or post-surgical complications.


Adult-onset scoliosis results from the degeneration of the spinal discs—as the discs deteriorate, increasingly unbalanced pressure causes the spine to bend and curve. Left untreated, scoliosis causes pain and impairs mobility. Dr. Cohen’s team specializes in a variety of advanced treatments, both operative and non-operative, for this condition that varies greatly from patient to patient.


Like other neuro-spinal treatments, every spinal tumor case is unique—there is no such thing as a routine procedure. The optimal treatment approach will be determined by a number of factors determined by your individual situation: your age, your history, your tumor type and its position. Dr. Cohen is a spinal tumor sub-specialist who takes an interdisciplinary approach to design the optimal, personalized treatment plan for each patient.


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