Spinal Fractures & Traumatic Injuries Treat Treatment

Spinal fractures vary widely in severity. The first line of treatment for fractures and traumatic injuries is often a conservative, non-surgical approach. In cases where pain from a compression fracture or traumatic injury persists, surgery may be considered.

Treatment approaches depend on whether the injury is the result of an external or blunt-force trauma, or of bones weakened by osteoporosis or other underlying conditions that cause bone insufficiency. For example, weakened bones can fracture during low-impact activities. These fractures may develop gradually, with no discomfort or symptoms until the bone breaks.

Kyphoplasty involves re-expanding the vertebral body and injecting bone cement in order to improve its strength. Vertebroplasty involves cement injection without expanding the fracture. In some cases, spinal instrumentation and fusion may be recommended.

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